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The Overtones on Tonight's The Night!

Wed 03 Aug 2011

This Saturday night on BBC1 you can watch the Overtones surprise a lucky Bingo Player in the latest episode of 'Tonight's The Night'  hosted by John Barrowman. For full details of the program have a look HERE and tune in on Saturday at 6.40pm!


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  • Added: Mon.08.08.2011 @ 22:34:38PM Loobylou26

    Just figured out how to log onto this site, talk about making it hard (or is it just me!) Tonights the Night was fab (a wonderful experience) and the lads are just as nice in real life as they appear to be. They are absolute professionals and complete angels! I heard them coming before I saw them most times (they do a lot of singing!!!) Keep up the good work guys.....see you when I'm Roxie Hart!!!

  • Added: Mon.08.08.2011 @ 18:38:43PM amoulding

    Yes, seniorfan, I can see it now on the shelves this Christmas "Eau de Mark", "Essence of Timmy" or how about "Sh-boom!" If it is good enough for the Beckham's, then it is good enough for the boys!

  • Added: Sun.07.08.2011 @ 22:17:45PM vicky88

    I watched Tonight the Night and was excited when John Barrowman said that The Overtones were on to surprise one deserving fan and wow Lisa was amazing and what a experience to sing with the guys who again i thought were excellent kind and singing my favourite song and wearing stylish clothes.
    I cant wait until i see them in October :)

  • Added: Sun.07.08.2011 @ 19:09:47PM seniorfan

    I saw Tonight`s The Night and what a great surprise to see the boys appearing. Loved "Lisa and The Overtones", you are just the boys to do a kind deed. Watching you all perform always makes me smile, you should be bottled!

  • Added: Sat.06.08.2011 @ 20:10:06PM Kez

    Watched the show this evening and as always totally in awe of how lovely you guys are, so natural, friendly, funny, talented ooh and good looking !

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